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Investment Philosophy & Process

Peterson Wealth Management has a value-oriented investment philosophy and takes a long-term time horizon. We estimate the value of a business and only buy when the market is pricing the business at a significant discount to our estimate of value. From the point of initial investment, we patiently wait for the gap between the market value and our estimate of value to narrow.

Inherent in our investment philosophy is a research-intensive investment process. At our core, we believe it is vital to know the business we are invested in better than the market. Attaining this goal requires dedication in research time and constant attention to detail. Through consistent research and evaluation, we strive to take advantage of pricing mistakes made by the market. During times of overly positive or negative stock market sentiment, we are able to make informed investment decisions based on facts and value, rather than emotion.

The culmination of our philosophy and process is a respect for our clients' assets. In our fiduciary duty as our clients' Investment Advisor, we believe the single most important question an investor must attempt to answer before making an investment is "how much can I potentially lose?" Through our value-oriented discipline, our goal is to limit downside risk while offering total-return potential capable of outperforming the Dow Jones and S&P 500 Index through long-term economic cycles.

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