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401(K) Plan Investment Management

New Plans - Existing Plan Management - Individual Account Transfers

Peterson Wealth Management’s approach to 401(K) Plan Management

  • We provide you superior service by:

(+) Starting day one, participants have an advisor they can talk to & personally meet with. We love meeting and helping people!1like it's our own.

(+) Enrollment help - We engage employees from rank-and-file to highly compensated.

(+) Administrative ease - Making your plan easy for participants to view and access accounts

  • We provide you the best investment options by:

(+) Selecting the best investment minds in the profession to work for you

(+) “A breath of fresh air” - Plan participants will understand, in laymen’s terms, the investments available to them

(+) The Best Never Rest – We continually study the best investors after plan implementation & communicate our recommendations

The tremendous advantage Peterson Wealth Management provides is we treat your 401(K) plan like it’s our own. Our sole focus is providing the best investment minds in our 401(K) plan, along with low-cost index funds. We complement our investment acumen with outstanding communication. It is a matter of personal pride for us that every participant in your 401(K) plan understands their investment options, and knows they have an investment advisor on their team who wants to help them every step of the way.

We want to succeed with you. We are not compensated in any way by the investment managers we offer you. Plus, we are not “selling” you our own mutual or index funds. Our goal is to provide the investment service sorely lacking in 401(K) plans – excellent investment options combined with fantastic communication. We want each 401(K) participant to know they have a friend who wants to succeed with them in their retirement investments. We look forward to speaking with you!

Here is the service you can expect from

Peterson Wealth Management:

  • 401(K) plan with outstanding investment options
  • Administrative ease – we engage employees from enrollment to retirement, helping with investment strategy, and general questions. We want you to run your business – not a 401(K) plan.
  • A laymen’s terms explanation of each investment option that you and your employees will appreciate
  • Model Portfolios specifically designed for all walks of life – from “Very Aggressive” to “Very Conservative”
  • Personal communication from day one to retirement – you have an advisor who wants to help you
  • An annual letter, written in laymen’s terms, detailing the prior year and our investment recommendations for the new year
  • Ongoing communication on plan investment options and strategy
  • Participants have 24/7 online account access and viewing

401(K) Plan – Existing Plan Review

Review Investments । Review Costs & Tax Savings । Increase Employee Satisfaction

Providing complementary 401(K) reviews to satisfy your requirements under recent

Department of Labor regulations.

  • Benchmark your plan’s costs vs. the industry averages
  • Employee participation & strategies to increase participation
  • Study investment selections
  • Tax savings opportunities
  • Plan structure to maximize returns, lower employer costs and increase employee satisfaction

We help business owners analyze and satisfy their 401(K) plan fiduciary responsibilities.

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